Royal Shakespeare Company relies on Riedel Artist and Bolero for communications in its main theatre

Riedel Communications has recently announced that the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) has trusted in Artist digital matrix intercom network and Bolero intercom system at its main auditorium.

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon has place for 1,018 spectators and the Riedel solution replaced an existing wired, two-ring intercom system. It is an Artist-128 intercom node, equipped with six AES67-108, two Dante-108, and one GPI-116 client card. The Artist platform integrates with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre’s Bolero wireless intercom system, which consists of six antennas and 40 wireless beltpacks. With the exception of a few fixed locations where RSP-2318, RSP-1216HL, and DSP-2312 SmartPanels are being utilized, the company is now relying in this theatre on wireless communications.

“In choosing a new intercom system, our main priorities were reliability, sound quality, and ease of use. Riedel resulted an easy choice,” said Jeremy Dunn, Head of Sound for the RSC. “As soon as it was safe for the Riedel team to enter our theater after the COVID lockdown, the company quickly conducted a site survey, compiled a system design, and performed a smooth installation despite supply chain issues. The system was up and running in time for our next show and has been performing exceptionally ever since.”

“With our Artist and Bolero systems in place, the RSC has clear, comfortable communications throughout its Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Bolero is already being used at the Cambridge Theatre for the popular West End musical Matilda, and the RSC is planning to roll out the system at the Swan Theatre and The Other Place as well. We look forward to working further with the theater company as it continues its mission of bringing Shakespeare to everyone,” concludes Nacho Lee, U.K. Sales Manager at Riedel.

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