RTL Deutschland advances broadcasting with Logic’s IP-SMPTE 2110 infrastructure

RTL Deutschland in Cologne is undergoing a significant transformation in its broadcasting operations, with Logic media solutions at the helm of transitioning to a modern IP-based infrastructure. This shift towards IP-ST2110 technology forms a crucial part of RTL Deutschland’s overarching initiative to modernize its in-house infrastructure. At the core of this endeavor lies the integration of SDN, marking a pivotal milestone in the project’s trajectory.

After an in-depth analysis of various control software providers for broadcast IP networks in 2023, the choice fell to Nevion’s VideoIPath. The company specialized in media solutions was entrusted with the planning and implementation. The project began in 2023 and will be implemented in phases throughout 2024.

Central to RTL Deutschland’s rationale for adopting an IP-based infrastructure with Nevion’s VideoIPath was the recognition that centralized control is essential for efficient and reliable broadcast network management. Leveraging the SDN capabilities of VideoIPath, the project enables seamless interconnection of diverse production areas through the innovative “Federation” feature. A collaborative effort between RTL Deutschland and Logic produced a high-level design, envisioning the segmentation of production areas into four distinct sections, each equipped with its dedicated VideoIPath unit. This meticulous approach ensures robust security and operational resilience, catering to the dynamic demands of RTL Deutschland’s broadcasting operations.

Implementation of the project commenced in late 2023, with a phased rollout strategy spanning the course of 2024. This pragmatic approach facilitates smooth execution while allowing for real-time adjustments as needed.

In tandem with project commencement, RTL Deutschland employees are undergoing comprehensive training tailored to their specific skill levels. Logic is spearheading this initiative with bespoke workshops conducted either onsite at RTL Deutschland or at the Logic Media Training Centre in Mainz (LMTZ), offering flexibility and convenience.

“The transition to an IP-based infrastructure with Nevion’s VideoIPath marks a pivotal stride in our efforts to modernize RTL Deutschland’s production and broadcasting technology,” asserts Andrea Kahlo, Director of Broadcast Systems at RTL Technology. “The collaboration with Logic, from initial planning to the onset of implementation, underscores their competence and solution-oriented approach,” Kahlo affirms, emphasizing the partnership’s strength in driving innovation within RTL Deutschland’s broadcasting ecosystem.

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