RTVC (Radio Television Nacional Colombia) relies on Dalet Galaxy five for content centralization

Dalet has recently announced that Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia (RTVC) has trusts on Dalet Galaxy five for news operation. Based in Bogotá, RTVC is Colombia’s national radio and TV public channel and it offers news, educational and cultural entertainment over three terrestrial channels. In 2020, the government approved a project to strengthen the infrastructure, information sourcing and news production in house.

NYL Electrónica designed and installated the infrastructure including wires, news story planning and development, editing and graphics, and delivery. The underlying Dalet media asset management platform centralizes content while the core orchestration engine automates the story-centric workflow.

With COVID-19 restrictions still in full force, Dalet and NYL Electrónica made the launch efforts virtually, with only key elements such as on-premises installation and coaching of personnel, done on site and in person.

Carlos Raúl González Martínez, supervising transmission engineer, RTVC, noted that, “The Dalet newsroom solution has extensive capabilities that we are able to perfect into a workflow for our specific needs. We also had the support of Dalet to help us define that workflow. This was extremely important because above all for RTVC, it was Dalet’s 20 years of experience that helped create a brand-new news environment with a new team.”

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