RTVE trusts Sapec and its Laguna Octal solution to receive the signals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Sapec’s Laguna solution has recently been chosen by RTVE to receive the signals arriving from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. On this occasion, it was the Octal model that will fulfill the purpose of receiving and simultaneously resending the signals of the Games to different transmission centers.

Sapec has supplied nine Laguna Octal units (1RU per unit). These thirty-six signals are divided into eighteen HEVC/H.264 4:2:2 encoded signals that arrive from the IBC (International Broadcast Centre) of OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services) established in Tokyo. So, ther are eighteen signals of which two will be distributed from RTVE. This means that in these nine Laguna Octal units there are eighteen pairs of HEVC/H.264 encoders and decoders working simultaneously.

Sapec Laguna Octal diagramme

To manage the inputs and outputs of the thirty-six signals, Laguna Octal offers eight HD-BNC interfaces per unit (configurable as ASI or SDI) and four 1Gb Ethernet interfaces, allowing the establishment of redundancy and simultaneity of paths in both ASI and IP.

In addition, Laguna offers redundant power supplies hot-swappable-removable to ensure continuity of service and ease of maintenance, according to the company itself.

The solution provided by Sapec offers the process of four audio PID per video signal (4×36), with the possibility of upgrading to eight audio PID per video signal (8×36). Sapec highlights that its equipment has a guaranteed future option for the broadcast public entity of Spain since among its features include that they are adapted to the SRT protocol to connect via IP publicly and perform conversions between SCTE 104 and SCTE35, in addition to conversion and retroconversion of SD / HD signals.

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