RX-8 from Zaxcom is here: a MRX receiver module interface with Dante and PoE

Zaxcom announced the RX-8 receiver interface for sound bags and sound carts. It receives audio from up to 8 separate transmitters, contains a built-in MicPlexer with antenna distribution and front-end filter for eliminating interference from unwanted RF.

The company assures that the solution can be purchased with an optional Dante interface with Power over Ethernet (PoE). When used on remote, the user can send up to 16 channels of audio over Dante back to the sound cart, 8 originating from the RX-8 itself and 8 more via 4 AES pairs connected to the DB25 input. Additionally, the device can send audio back to set from the sound cart to use for IFB feeds and jam timecode slates.

The unit has OLED displays with menus for each receiver pair and tactile pushbuttons. The RX-8 is powered via a standard 12V Hirose connector. With Dante, the RX-8 can be powered via the 12v input or remotely via power over ethernet (PoE). There’s also a 12v power output that supplies up to 1 amp for external receivers and transmitters when receiving PoE. The solution receives 100% digital modulation, allowing audio to be fully encrypted. All Zaxcom Digital Recording Wireless transmitters have patented built-in recording, audio is simultaneously transmitted and recorded to a removable microSD card using the highly reliable MARF (Mobile Audio Recording Format). Additional features include PowerRoll™ to further extend battery life, Zaxcom High Density (ZHD) modulation modes, and ZaxNet.

The RX-8 features advantages such as built-in frequency scanner and Auto-Pick software that can scan the RF spectrum and choose the best receiver frequencies. Using ZaxNet™, when paired with an IFB300 or TRXCL4, the RX-8 can re-freq transmitters to match with any of those devices.

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