Scott Stiefel: new CEO of the Telos Alliance

Telos Alliance has recently announced that it has appointed Co-CEO Scott Stiefel to the role of CEO, effective immediately.

Stiefel will assume the reins from Co-CEO Tom Swidarski who will serve on the Board of Directors as Vice Chairman.

Scott has served Telos Alliance in various capacities for more than 20 years, starting out as a Hardware and Embedded Systems Engineer and working his way up to the role of CEO. “Scott has truly become a better and more effective leader and his complete skill set matches his integrity, character and moral compass,” says Tom Swidarski.

“I am excited to lead Telos Alliance in yet another era of growth and transformation as we expand into the world of software and enterprise systems, platforms and professional services and to continue expanding our world-class hardware offerings,” says Stiefel.

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