Tightrope’s Screenweave amplifies support to Amazon Fire TV, Android and iOS

Tightrope’s Screenweave amplifies support to Amazon Fire TV, Android and iOS

Tightrope has announced that Screenweave amplifies its support to new platforms and OTT apps. This upgrade is immediately for Amazon Fire TV and will extend to Android TVs and devices and iOS in the next months.

Therefore, they will join Roku and Apple TV, which are currently compatible. Screenweave apps work seamlessly with Cablecast broadcast automation servers and the Cablecast Reflect cloud-based streaming service to make public access, education, and government channels available through OTT media players and mobile devices in HD. Viewers can browse categorized collections of VOD clips, search the station’s VOD library for topics of interest, and switch between the station’s live feeds.

“Community broadcasters need to reach their audiences whenever, wherever, and on whatever device each viewer prefers,” said Steve Israelsky, President, Cablecast Community Media. “OTT platforms have become crucial conduits for making content accessible to potential viewers who don’t have cable subscriptions. Meanwhile, although our responsive online templates already let stations offer content to mobile viewers through their websites, users often now prefer an app-based approach for everything from media consumption to online shopping. With the expansion of our Screenweave app family, our customers can effortlessly make their content available in intuitive apps on all of the most popular OTT and mobile platforms.”

“With the standard Screenweave apps free for stations to use with our Cablecast Reflect subscription, there’s less reason for any PEG broadcaster not to make their content available on all of these OTT and mobile platforms,” added Israelsky. “Even for viewers who also have cable, Screenweave lets them add the community channel to their device’s home screen right alongside their favorite commercial media services, elevating it from being buried deep in a channel guide. Plus, once a station sets up Screenweave for one OTT or mobile platform, they’re instantly set up for the other five – plus any future Screenweave platforms we add. For example, our new Fire TV app launched with several hundred channels already available from our existing Screenweave customers – all with zero additional effort required on their part.”

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