Sencore and Toner Cable Equipment deploy Impulse 300D network decoder in international shopping network

Sencore, in conjunction with their distribution partner Toner Cable Equipment, has recently announced that the Impulse 300D network decoder was selected by an international shopping network to be deployed throughout their network of broadcast and cable tv affiliates.

The solution is part of the system providing programming to their affiliates via the open internet. By decoding services at each location, head-ends are provided video signals to be rebroadcast around the world.

The shopping network was previously using two products to receive the reliable transport signal and output SDI for re-encoding at the local affiliate stations. The Impulse 300D chassis used bulky power adapters and the equipment was not rack mountable. This method was experiencing many technical issues with rising service costs.

The device provided by Sencore and Toner Cable reduces cost, eliminates points of failure and increases video quality and reliability of delivery.

the Impulse can be deployed as a single table-top unit or rackmount into a 1RU space (up to 3 units per RU side-by-side). The front-panel and web-interface allows to transport video across the open internet using streaming protocols. Studio production cameras and video content are recorded and encoded into traditional MPEG-IP broadcast feeds. These are then processed by software and transported over internet connection or uploaded into a cloud service. The Impulse 300D supports these industry standard protocols to receive and decode video back into SDI and baseband signals at the affiliate head-end. By using a cloud service or CDN provider can receive simultaneous secured copies of the original studio feed.

“We are very excited and proud to help develop and provide this IP transport solution for the client” said Jeff Zhu, President of Sencore, “These are the types of projects that showcase our leading capability of offering the latest technology at a great value”.

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