Setplex lands its OTT Service in Brazil for TV Cabo São Paulo

Setplex deploys its OTT Service in TV Cabo São Paulo

Setplex has announced an agreement with Brazilian TV Cabo São Paulo to provide solutions for OTT service. The company will enable the broadcaster’s SATTV service to wide range of OTT and IPTV channels to its subscribers.

This marks a milestone for Setplex as it’s the first deal to enter in the Brazilian market. It has developed its Nora platform as an OTT/IPTV middleware solution that delivers TV, video-on-demand (VOD), catch-up TV, digital video recorder (DVR) and interactive services for customers in any IP-based network.

SATTV offers full Internet and video services for more than 50 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from the entire Brazilian region. “The ease of integration of the Setplex platform is the key difference-maker for us, in viewing how we grow a business that could determine how we engage and manage subscriber growth going forward,” said SATTV, in a statement. “There is a holistic view of what customers need that is evident in how Setplex has designed its offering, and we see them as a strategic partner as much as a trusted vendor.”

“We need to provide a world-class turn-key system for customers who seek the highest-quality video supported over all devices and with a breadth of content that they can manage and grow over time,” said Marc Mulgrum, senior vice president of sales, Setplex. “We offer the right mix of simple, powerful, affordable solutions for all sizes of customers, and can rapidly assist with the build-out of next-generation OTT and IPTV services. SATTV is an ideal example of how Setplex can assist a customer build and grow an OTT service in a crowded market.”

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