Skyline Communications and Qvest agree to join forces in order to boost the digitalization of the industry

Skyline Communications and Qvest have recently agreed a global strategic partnership. The media and entertainment industry will have another alternative to accelerate their digital transformation programs.

Qvest will leverage the modular DataMiner platform and Skyline’s extensive developer community. The agreement applies to Qvest’s Global sourcing services, its system integration business, and its software development unit. Skyline’s DataMiner technology is a Digital Transformation software. It enables corporations to digitize their entire operation, across any vendor and technology domains.

Skyline and Qvest support customers and partners in realizing data-driven operations, which have the ability to evolve and leverage the full potential of this new generation of transformational technology. This involves not only automating the operation and supply chain, but also at the same time also reimagining and innovating workflows. With this partnership, both companies enable innovation that drives efficiency in the utilization of both on-premises and cloud resources.

“We are very happy with this large global agreement being signed between two companies that have been leading their business segment for multiple decades. It is truly a perfect match,” Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications, said. “The powerful transformational capabilities of DataMiner, combined with the unique media industry expertise of Qvest, will result in an unprecedented solution offering for media companies.”

Christian Massmann, CSO at Qvest Group: “Qvest supports and empowers organizations to succeed in tech-driven change. We have been a leading technology partner of Skyline for many years, with a proven track record of DataMiner deployments in international projects. With this new global strategic partnership, we can serve our customers even better with tailored solutions.

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