Mongolian telco Skytel improves its OTT UX with Ateme cloud recording services

Skytel is a Mongolian telecommunications service provider. Recently, the company has expanded its Ateme video-delivery infrastructure driving its Skymedia OTT service, with a TITAN encoder and NEA Cloud DVR and CDN solutions, including the Embedded Distributed Storage (EDS) solution.

The addition of the EDS system to the NEA Cloud DVR solution allows users to record all their programs in the Cloud. Ateme’s EDS technology addresses this issue by distributing assets across the embedded storage available on each streaming server, and a single video only needs to be recorded once to be made available to millions.

Tuvshinbayar Turtuvshin, Head of Media IP Network Department at Skytel, said, “We have been very happy to work with Ateme and see a steadily increasing number of subscribers to our OTT service. The combination of TITAN encoders and NEA video-delivery solutions gives viewers the premium video quality they expect with low latency, while making life easier for us with a low-maintenance, future-proof system. And as our subscribers record more and more content, the EDS storage solution has been invaluable to help us scale up storage seamlessly. We are delighted to continue working with Ateme and look forward to repeated success as our platform continues to grow.”

Gautier Vandomme, VP of Asia Pacific, Ateme, said, “Viewers in Mongolia increasingly demand to watch video on their terms: anywhere, at any time, on any screen. We are thrilled to see the rising popularity of the Skymedia OTT service, and to contribute to its expansion as more and more viewers choose to enjoy the superior quality of experience enabled by Skytel.

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