Smode XR powers Sony’s virtual production showcase at CES 2024

Within the partnership between Smode Japan, a subsidiary of France’s Smode Tech, and Sony PCL, the spotlight at CES 2024 in Las Vegas shines on the captivating world of virtual production solutions.

Smode Japan’s contribution to Sony’s eagerly anticipated CES 2024 exhibit includes the provision and verification of a SMODE XR system, Smode Tech’s specialized solution for Virtual Production and extended reality (XR) endeavors. This system plays a pivotal role in Sony’s booth at CES, which is being held from 9th to 12th January 2024.

At the core of the XR system lies the dynamic duo of SMODE software and a Smode media server, seamlessly complementing Virtual Production solutions, particularly Sony’s large-scale LED display, Crystal LED. This partnership builds upon the successful collaboration between Smode Japan and Sony PCL, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation renowned for its technical expertise in AV content creation for broadcasting and events. SMODE XR has already proven its prowess on Sony PCL’s grand Virtual Production stage at Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Base in Tokyo.

Yoshihisa Sukeda, Sony PCL’s XR coordinator for CES 2024, praises Smode technology for its user-friendly nature and versatility. He highlights its ability not only to facilitate smooth scene transitions as a media server but also to support content production, making it ideal for real-time show control, especially at high-profile events like CES.

Sony’s Virtual Production showcase at CES aims to provide visitors with hands-on experiences and a deeper understanding of the technology. Sukeda also expressed a desire to surprise attendees with innovative set extensions, made possible by SMODE XR, which allows for flexible shooting angles irrespective of LED display size.

Leveraging XR technology to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual realms, Smode XR simplifies the creation and calibration of immersive experiences for virtual production shoots, television productions, films, and live events, as company states. Besides, according to manufacturer, beyond its real-time compositing capabilities, Smode XR seamlessly integrates LED displays, real-time content, and camera tracking to power virtual production environments. It offers compatibility with a wide range of tracking systems and technologies, including third-party 3D engines like Unreal Engine and Notch.

Over the past year, Smode Japan and Sony PCL have joined forces on numerous projects, showcasing Smode’s versatility in XR and AR effects for music videos and creating captivating short films featuring impossible car chases through the city using XR technology.

Jamie Goodenough, Head of Smode Japan, reflects on the growing partnership: “Smode Japan has had the privilege of closely collaborating with Sony PCL at Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Base in Tokyo over the past year, working alongside their talented technical team on various exciting projects. As we take our relationship to the next level, we are thrilled that Sony has chosen Smode XR for its virtual production showcase and eagerly anticipate supporting them in Las Vegas.”

Sony’s CES exhibit can be found at stand #21800 within the Las Vegas Convention Center, where the future of virtual production takes center stage from 9th to 12th January 2024.

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