Solutions by Broadpeak enhances ORS streaming quality

The Austrian broadcaster provides service without interruption and high quality thanks to  BkS350 Origin Packager, a video delivery solution provided by Broadpeak

The company, supplier of content delivery network (CDN) and video streaming solutions for content platforms and pay-TV operators worldwide, announced this new alliance with ORS to deploy a comprehensive solution totally managed by Broadpeak. This comes with the aim to simplify the management of its OTT video services, and due to this collaboration Austrian company ORS can provide live, VOD, and catch-up TV services with high reliability and an exceptional quality of experience.

Norbert Grill, chief technology officer at ORS declares: “ORS provides television to 3.8 million households in Austria, and our primary goal is to ensure outstanding service continuity. Broadpeak enables us to deliver the highest quality of experience to millions of concurrent viewers during live events. They helped us achieve this last year during one of the biggest live events across the world —the major football tournament in Qatar. It worked so well that even our operations team was able to enjoy the action from Qatar. Having Broadpeak fully manage and maintain our video platform reduces our risk of service failure, saves us a significant amount of time, and future-proofs our business.”

Broadpeak’s BkS350 Origin Packager combines a just-in-time packaging feature and a built-in cache mechanism, reducing the need for encoding and storage resources and providing high-throughput capacity that generates important savings for ORS.

The solution also includes Broadpeak’s BkM100 Video Delivery Mediator, BkA200 Video Delivery Monitoring, BkYou Video Personalization Solution, and BkT100 file transcoder for video streaming. ORS can also use Broadpeak’s solutions to support advanced features such as time-shift TV, low-latency live sports streaming, video thumbnails, and personalized ad insertion.

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