Sony, Plateau Virtuel and Studios de France develop a major virtual production studio with LED solutions

The collaboration between Plateau Virtuel, Studios de France and Sony resulted in a modern studio adapted to virtual production flows with LED volumes. Sony Crystal LED screens have been deployed in the virtual studio to create a surface of 90 m2 (18 meters wide by 5 meters high). The capture technology also comes from the Japanese multinational: it has been integrated with the Sony Venice.

Plateau Virtual is a company focused on virtual production, a subsidiary of Novelty-Magnum-Dushow Group, a business group focused on event production. Studios de France is a set supplier subsidiary of AMP Visual TV, a group dedicated to live production in France.

The project was born after shooting a campaign for the European Space Agency in virtual production with the Venice camera. Plateau Virtuel wanted to take virtual production a step further in terms of playback and also on-set quality.

“It took us 15 days to set up this screen with Sony equipment. We felt it was important to have a suspended structure to be able to slide floors underneath, LED or otherwise. We also have an LED ceiling that allows us to integrate everything if necessary,” says Bruno Corsini, Technical Director of Plateau Virtuel.

The curved display consists of 450 “units”, each with a combination of 8 LED modules. The technology offers a very high contrast ratio, and a pixel pitch of 1.5 mm.

This new studio, designed for audiovisual and film productions, has also been designed for television production. AMP Visual TV representatives say they wanted to deploy a “laboratory platform” to respond to all kinds of requests.

“Our virtual production offer brings a unique and unrivaled image quality to date. It is a pleasure to open, with Plateau Virtuel and Studios de France, the first studio in Europe to host creators and productions using Crystal LED technology on a video wall of impressive dimensions,” says Fabien Pisano, Sales Director, Media Solutions, Sony Europe.

The presentation of the study will take place on February 12 at Seine Saint Denis, in the north of Paris. This will be followed by a series of technical workshops on February 16 and March 30.

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