Soul Kitchen Creative adopts Quicklink Studio (ST55) for remote contribution

Soul Kitchen Creative have adopted the Quicklink Studio (ST55) solution for gathering remote contributions to be used in client projects, such as History Channel, Warner Music, Peacock Network, CBS or Nickelodeon.

“Quicklink’s solution was a godsend when we first began using it. We had experimented with several different call-in systems with varying degrees of success. Ultimately, we needed the best quality call-in system that also allowed us to send the clean video feeds out to iso recorders that were not software based” said Michael Scalere, Creative Director at Soul Kitchen Creative.

One recent event that the Quicklink solutions was used for was a panel discussion project to be played at New York’s Comic Con event in October. Soul Kitchen Creative were tasked by Peacock Network to produce three separate panel discussions, all with talent calling in from their homes and offices. For this project, Soul Kitchen Creative enlisted Quicklink’s Studio solution to facilitate a call between 9 panellists and an Entertainment Journalist moderator.

Soul Kitchen Creative were also tasked by biopharmaceutical company Merck to remotely produce their annual Merck for Mothers event. In what was an in-person event prior to COVID, Soul Kitchen were tasked with producing four panels of healthcare pioneers from around the world including the former Prime Minister of New Zealand – completely virtually. As the COVID pandemic and regulations prohibited participants to gather together, the Quicklink Studio solution was used to gather recordings and assist in bringing the Merck for Mothers event to life.

The Quicklink Studio (ST55) solution works within a web browser, with no apps or software installs required by the contributor. Contributors can be invited via SMS, WhatsApp, email or by generating a simple URL link.

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