Spin Digital launches real-time VVC encoding applications for streaming and broadcasting up to 8K

Spin Digital has recently released versions of its live encoder (Spin Enc Live v2.0) and Media SDK (Spin SDK v6.0) introducing support for real-time VVC encoding optimized for live streaming and broadcasting.

The VVC encoder was presented at IBC 2022; after six months of development, testing and optimization Spin Digital is releasing the first version of the new encoder as a complete application as well as an SDK.

With the support of the application, Spin Enc Live enables live video delivery at lower bitrates. It facilitates next-generation applications, such as 4K and 8K live streaming, more efficient adaptive streaming, ultra-HD gaming, screencasting and virtual desktop, and higher quality live VR-360° and immersive video.

The VVC/H.266 encoder is available in multiple forms: in a complete application (Spin Enc Live) with all the components needed for live encoding and streaming in a web interface; in a SDK which offers support for VVC including encoding, decoding and integration into a framework with a comprehensive set of optimized libraries for video and audio capture, processing, encoding, streaming, and playback; and available as a plugin for the FFmpeg framework.

Spin Enc Live v2.0 and Spin SDK v6.0 are now available for licensing. A free demo version or a quote can be requested online.

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