StreamGuys enhances Dick Broadcasting’s revenue streams with programmatic ad services

StreamGuys has enabled Dick Broadcasting, which operates 19 radio stations spanning three southeastern US states, to increase its monthly advertising revenue fivefold since adopting StreamGuys’ ad insertion services. The partnership has leveraged StreamGuys’ programmatic ad capabilities to automatically fill unsold ad slots during live streams and podcasts, significantly boosting revenue generation for Dick Broadcasting.

A pivotal aspect of the collaboration has been the integration of midroll placements into Dick Broadcasting’s advertising strategy. This shift required a strategic overhaul in how ads were distributed across their streams.

Tyler Huggins, Director of Advertising at StreamGuys, highlighted the initial challenge: “Nielsen’s requirement for Dick Broadcasting to simulcast their over-the-air streams for FM ratings in their markets limited them to preroll ads. While effective, this approach constrained revenue potential. By segmenting their streams into in-market and out-of-market categories, we were able to introduce midroll placements specifically for the latter.”

StreamGuys employs a “waterfall system” that prioritizes direct sold campaigns followed by programmatic ad placements from their advertiser network. If no suitable ad impressions are available, the company facilitates the placement of unsold promos, managing the entire process from server-side ad insertion to revenue distribution.

Huggins elaborated on their role: “We handle all campaign management, advertiser relationships, and invoicing for Dick Broadcasting. Collaborating closely with their app developers and web team, we utilize precise geographic data to determine listener locations. This granular insight enables us to differentiate between in-market and out-of-market listeners, optimizing ad delivery accordingly.”

Additionally, Dick Broadcasting utilizes StreamGuys’ SGrecast service to repurpose live radio shows into podcasts and side streams, further monetizing these assets through automated ad insertions. StreamGuys also manages hosting and delivery of all streaming content via their enterprise CDN, ensuring seamless distribution across websites, apps, and smart speakers.

Taylor Dick, Vice President of Finance and Strategic Analysis at Dick Broadcasting Company, emphasized the impact of the partnership: “We’ve significantly reduced streaming infrastructure costs while enhancing ad relevance for our diverse audience. StreamGuys has enabled us to not only manage and monetize our streaming business more effectively but also achieve substantial revenue growth without added operational burdens.”

Through StreamGuys’ programmatic ad services, Dick Broadcasting has optimized its streaming operations, delivering a superior listening experience while maximizing revenue potential across their digital platforms, as the company stated.

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