StreamGuys elevates San Jose Sharks’ broadcasting beyond traditional radio

StreamGuys’ SGrecast technology is amplifying the NHL juggernaut’s global presence through its 24/7 audio streaming platform, Sharks Audio Network, while also facilitating advertisement insertion and monitoring services.

Founded in 1991, the San Jose Sharks, a prominent NHL team stationed at San Jose’s SAP Center in the Bay Area of San Francisco, transitioned from a 20-year tenure on The South Bay’s 98.5 KFOX station to establish their own 24/7 audio network in 2001. StreamGuys’ SGrecast has been instrumental in managing podcast automation, rebroadcasting, and live streaming across various platforms.

The Sharks Audio Network serves as a strategic move to engage fans and deliver continuous audio content to San Jose Sharks enthusiasts worldwide. Offering a blend of live regular season and Stanley Cup playoff matches alongside a diverse array of on-demand content, the network features interviews, player profiles, replays, pre-game coverage, highlight reels, lifestyle programming, and live news updates.

Dan Rusanowsky, a seasoned play-by-play announcer with a background in radio, spearheads the team’s audio production efforts. With over three decades of experience with the Sharks, Rusanowsky oversees all aspects of audio content, ensuring fans are kept abreast of the action from the renowned “Shark Tank”.

“I am primarily recognized as the play-by-play commentator for the San Jose Sharks, but I am also responsible for managing the Shark’s audio network and coordinating all audio production tasks alongside our team,” remarks Rusanowsky. “Having been with the Sharks since its inception in 1991, setting up radio network coverage was part of my initial responsibilities. However, transitioning to a 24-hour format expanded our operations significantly.”

Partnering with StreamGuys since 2019, Rusanowsky leveraged the SGrecast SaaS platform to convert and redistribute live content, broaden the network’s reach, and capitalize on the Sharks’ online presence to engage their global fan base. While most listeners access the stream through the Sharks Plus SAP Center app, the San Jose Sharks website employs the SGrecast player to facilitate seamless connectivity.

“Although we maintain a terrestrial radio network in Northern California, we’ve shifted focus towards our 24-hour programming on the app,” explains Rusanowsky. “This approach enables us to reach audiences in previously untapped regions, and SGrecast simplifies content delivery to both NHL platforms and our terrestrial affiliates through Skyview Satellite.”

Rusanowsky emphasizes SGrecast’s role as a central repository for managing programming and automatically archiving content. The platform’s recording capability enables prompt access to game airchecks, facilitating swift editing, repackaging, and re-upload processes. With dedicated studio space at the SAP Center, the Sharks maintain full control over content, driving increased fan engagement and enhanced monetization opportunities, as company stated.

“Traditional radio excels in live programming, but we’re witnessing a shift, particularly among younger demographics,” observes Rusanowsky. “Operating across multiple channels allows us to leverage programming for both client acquisition and retention, with the Sharks Audio Network serving as a pivotal tool in maintaining fan engagement.”

Neil Carducci, Quality Assurance Tester at StreamGuys, highlights Rusanowsky’s innovative approach to content repurposing, maximizing SGrecast’s potential through dynamic workflows. By blending recordings, live broadcasts, scheduled programming, and podcasting, the Sharks have optimized content utilization.

Rusanowsky further underscores the utilization of StreamGuys’ ad insertion technology to integrate commercials into non-live programming. Analytics provided by SGreports offer valuable insights into audience demographics and listening patterns, empowering targeted marketing strategies.

“Expanding transmitter coverage digitally has immense value, particularly for organizations with niche audiences,” concludes Rusanowsky. “StreamGuys’ solutions offer cost-effective means to reach and engage audiences globally, making it an invaluable asset for any broadcasting endeavor.”

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