Studio Berlin updates its OB truck fleet with EVS’ LiveCeption solution

Studio Berlin is a German production services provider whic has recently updated its fleet of OB trucks and production studios. The company has trusted in EVS’ LiveCeption solution.

The setup will be used to deliver live content for several sporting events including the Bundesliga, ISTAF, and other international football matches, as well as for several studio entertainment shows.

LiveCeption is designed to support all formats and protocols from HD to 8K, SDR to HDR, and SDI to IP in a single solution. It is powered by EVS’ new VIA technology platform to deliver evolutive services and capabilities for greater content access and future LSM operations.

Nick Zimmermann, CEO at Studio Berlin said: “Thanks to EVS’ LiveCeption solution, we will be able to react more flexibly to all customer requirements and introduce new innovative workflows for our wide range of productions, now and for any time in the future.”

Mathias Alexandru, CTO at Studio Berlin added: “As a technical service provider serving a wide range of formats, from major sporting events to current affairs and large entertainment shows, flexibility was a top priority for us. By deploying EVS’ LiveCeption solution, there will be no limits for us in slow-motion, recording and streaming for all our current and upcoming projects.”

Jamie Gordon Mitchell, SVP EMEA at EVS stated: “This new partnership is proof EVS continues to lead the live replay market with its top performing technology based on the VIA platform. We’re excited we’ve been chosen by Studio Berlin to help its customers deliver more engaging content with highly reliable, efficient, and flexible workflows.”

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