Broadcast Solutions and Studio Berlin developes U10: a brand new OB van concept

As we told recently, the German production company Studio Berlin has added a new UHD/HDR OB van to its fleet. The name of the van is U10 and it has 60 m2 and 26 workstations. U10 can handle productions with up to 24 UHD/HDR cameras, plus additional wireless cameras. But the most noteworthy innovation is that Studio Berlin and Broadcast Solutions have moved to a support truck with 10 19” racks of additional hardware. A redundant fibre interlink connects the two vehicles.

With this new implementation, U10 provides more space than usual OB vans of its size and it allows more confortable social distancing at these Covid-19 times. Also, since there is no need for cooling the racks, there are no separate air-conditioning circuits in the OB van. When planning the air-conditioning system, the focus was on the air-conditioning of the rooms. In addition, the company has developed new methods for keeping the air clean through germs and viruses with active filters.

The two control rooms can be easily and quickly converted into one large super control room by moving doors and monitor walls. Special attention was paid to the design of the vision control area. The engineers and designers have four 31” UHD/HDR Class 1 monitors and another 55” monitor. The vehicle is equipped with a powerful UPS buffer that can maintain running the entire production for 15 minutes on battery power.

A Grass Valley K-Frame XP Compact vision mixer is controlled via a Karrera control panel in the main control room and a Korona control panel in the second control room. 24 Grass Valley LDX 86N cameras plus wireless cameras provide the video signals. On the routing side, Studio Berlin and Broadcast Solutions opted for Riedel’s decentralised MediorNet routing system.

In an initial configuration, seven EVS servers and one Grass Valley LiveTouch server are in use, although up to eight EVS or LiveTouch servers can be installed as a maximum. A modular system, designed by Broadcast Solutions, adapts the workstations to the respective production-specific equipment. Regarding audio control rooms, a Lawo mc256 Mark III (64 faders) with redundant UHD cores is installed in audio control room 1, whereas a Lawo mc236 (16 faders) is used in audio control room 2. During large productions, the OB has access to eight video and audio stage boxes each. Lawo’s VSM system controls the vehicle.

To access more than 39 computers and 25 user stations, Broadcast Solutions integrated an Apantac IP-KVM system.

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