Studio Technologies unveils its new Dante beltpack for On-Air applications

The Model 381 beltpack is the latest product of Studio Technologies

The Model 381 On-Air Beltpack is the latest addition to Studio Technologies’ family of products. It provides a complete on-air position for on-air personnel using Dante Audio-over-Ethernet technology. It is intended for broadcast of traditional sports and live entertainment events, eSports, newsgathering and streaming applications. In addition, it can be used “standalone” or integrated with other devices running under an Ethernet networking infrastructure.

According to the company, only a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection, a microphone and a pair of headphones or an earpiece are needed to use the Model 381. It provides main and talkback output channels with a status pushbutton switch, sidetone capabilities and two audio listen channels. Regarding its connections, the Model 381 is equipped with an etherCON RJ45 jack for the PoE Ethernet connection, a 3-pin XLR connector for the microphone input and ¼-inch jack for interfacing with the headphones.

“We feel that with the Model 381, there isn’t a simpler solution for creating a high-quality broadcast “standup” position. Whether at the side of a court, field, or pitch, the unit provides on-air talent with everything they need in a hassle-free package. With only a PoE Ethernet connection, the Model 381 seamlessly integrates into contemporary, Ethernet-based enviroments” said Gordon Kapes, president of Studios Technologies.

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