swXtch.io upgraded multi cloud networking solution cloudSwXtch for exhibiting at IBC

swXtch.io at IBC 2023

cloudSwXtch updates for IBC aim to enabling workflows in multi-cloud environments

swXtch.io, a subsidiary company of IEX Group, Inc., has returned to IBC one year after introducing its cloudSwXtch virtual overlay network last year, showcasing new features for its cloud management solution that, according to the company, improve performance and support new applications.

As swXtch.io has established relationships with all major public cloud network providers, it has made its solution deployable on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Marketplaces. Besides, swXtch.io has added Lossless UDP for additional protection of media streams across dynamic bridging (ground-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground) and multi-cloud networking applications.

Another development swXtch stated about cloudSwXtch is its deployment of Tachyon LIVE and Tachyon Transcode for the first time, powered by Cinnafilm’s  Tachyon technology.

Introduced in late 2022, swXtch.io has been demonstrating to IBC audiences its deployment of Timebeat’s Precision Time Protocol (PTP) into cloudSwXtch.

On the other hand, swXtch.io Chief Strategy Officer Geeter Kyrazis gave a speech to the IBC audience in an IBC2023 Partner Sessions panel sponsored by SMPTE, called Architecting Multi-Cloud and On-Prem Workflows Solutions for Global Production Needs, which focused on enabling workflows in multi-cloud environments.

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