TAG Video Systems supports AWS CDI and EC2 M6i instance types

TAG Video Systems has recently announced plans to showcase and enhance its monitoring and visualization platform at NAB 2021. These plans are due to its recently added support for AWS Cloud Digital Interface (CDI) and Amazon EC2 M6i instance types.

With the recent version, TAG now supports CDI for both inputs and outputs. Using CDI lets TAG customers avoid the signal impairments and concatenation errors of compression when cascading workflows through multiple AWS instances. CDI is essential to create complex live production workflows in the cloud. CDI is also useful in playout applications where statistical multiplexing of multiple channels is required to avoid concatenation artefacts of multiple encoders.

TAG played an instrumental role in a two-day virtual AWS CDI Interoperability Workshop that took time in past June. As one of thirteen participating vendors, TAG’s platform was used to monitor all of the other participants simultaneously while simultaneously sending CDI signals to them, verifying the viability of signals in a collaboration aimed at achieving new cloud integrations for live production in the cloud.

On the other hand, Amazon EC2 M6i instances are powered by 3rd generation Intel Xeon scalable processors. TAG’s support of these new instance types enables customers to save as much as 58% compared to prior types while increasing capacity by more than 35%, according to the company.

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