TAG enables NDI 5 and SRT protocols for its platform

TAG video systems has recently added support for NDI 5 and SRT. These two protocols increase connectivity and signal transport options.

NDI 5 (Network Device Interface) is a low latency IP video network technology that allows to it users to build IP-based video networks connecting a wide range of sources from cameras and switchers to PCs, phones, tablets and video conferencing applications such as Skype. TAG customers can capture the output from PCs making it simple to add websites, PC UIs and video conference participants as tiles on a TAG mosaic. TAG also enables NDI as an output format.

SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) is an open-source transport protocol originally developed by Haivision that allows for robust transmission of high-quality high-bandwidth video signals over public internet, unmanaged networks and WANs, and similar networks with unpredictable performance without loss or impairments. TAG customers can acquire signals from distant sources and transmit multiviewer mosaics to distant viewers, even at-home remote workers. Adding SRT support to TAG’s existing support for Zixi, AWS’ MediaConnect and CDI and codecs such as JPEG-XS enables customers to build interoperable multi-vendor low-latency systems that pave the way for transformative end-to-end cloud media workflows.

“All current TAG customers upgrading to the latest version of TAG software can enable our latest features including NDI and SRT at no additional cost or changes to their licenses,” Kevin Joyce, TAG’s Zer0 Friction Officer, has added.

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