TAG Video Systems introduces Redis integration to connect levels of its RMP Platform

TAG Video Systems has announced that its Realtime Media Performance (RMP) Platform now integrates with Redis. Redis is a real-time database.

The integration provides media companies and broadcasters with an organized approach and access to data that has been captured over time. Its capacities allow users to access to valuable information into the hands of users for real-time in-depth analysis or archived for retrospective evaluation. Redis serves as a pipeline that connects the levels of TAG’s platform.

The foundation of the RMP is TAG’s Multi-Channel Monitoring (MCM) system that monitors every type of signal from live production through OTT delivery. The next level, the Media Control System (MCS) serves as a management, control and data aggregation engine. Redis serves as the connecting pipeline between the two levels, delivering the raw data collected by the MCM to the MCS into an IP centric environment where it can be exposed to third party analytic and visualization applications such as Elasticsearch, Kibana, Grafana and Prometheus.

“The Redis interface allows TAG users to have a complete view of their data and that is an invaluable tool,” explains Paul Briscoe, TAG’s chief architect. “Data is delivered in real time giving media companies the information they need to keep pace with changes as they happen and the insight to make decisions that will impact their business operations. This is where the industry is inevitably headed – the deep use of rich data.”

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