TAG Video Systems expands MCM system capabilities to cover all aspects of live production

TAG Video Systems has announced upgrades, enhancements and added support to its Realtime Media Monitoring Platform. This upgrade has been incorporated into the version of the Company’s MCM (Multichannel Monitoring System). The idea is to address all aspects of live production including cloud, hybrid and remote operation. Also, they have assured that the platform was recently selected by FOX Sports as its monitoring and visualization provider for Qatar World Cup 2022.

The company has broadened support to include all three predominant transport protocols for JPEG XS stream reception and transmission by the MCM: TR-07 for MPEG-2 TS over IP, TR-08 for ST 2110-22, and now CDI for use in the Amazon cloud. This is one of the enhancements that the platform has lived.

Another focus point is that the company introduced its Bridge Technology. This solution provides architecture that enables an operator to receive a source once —including video, audio and metadata— and display it directly on any TAG system, anywhere for visualization or monitoring regardless of input source, size or format. Once the stream is ingested, the TAG Bridge automatically optimizes the sizing, format and delivery protocol to fit any configuration of multiple recipients.

The company also noted that they have added support for VLANs which allows the MCM to combine, view and control multiple flows from different computer networks all on a single interface. The MCM also now supports LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol), which enables the use of multiple links for resiliency and provides load balancing capability.

TAG’s MCM now supports NMOS BCP-002-01. This new specification enables individual audio, video and metadata streams in ST 2110 —originating from different or unrelated sources— to be grouped and assembled automatically on the receiving end.

The Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is used to synchronize clocks throughout a computer network with nanosecond accuracy and mandatory for 2110 systems. TAG’s functionality has increased to add visualization of PTP statistics directly on the multiviewer screen. This added capability allows the operator to view PTP data at a glance.

The MCM now offers display of the Plura SPT timer family, including the multi-line MTD-ID desk panel display. This feature enables heads-up use of these devices in a live production environment by flexibly enabling their display on the multiviewer mosaic.

Finally, the MCM’s capability of multi-UMD and Tally display has been expanded with additional visualization features enabling tallying of various aspects of UMD visualization in addition to the usual tally indicators.

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