TAG Video Systems reach 100K monitoring points around the world

TAG Video Systems announced that it has exceeded 100,000 monitoring points deployed globally. Kevin Joyce, TAG’s Zer0 Friction Officer, revealed the milestone as he recapped the Company’s 2021 achievements which also include the launch of its Media Control System (MCS).

Joyce credits TAG’s 100% increase in points probed and monitored during 2021 to the company’s capacity to work with every kind of workflow, support emerging protocols, and its cloud interoperability.

Joyce explained, “Because of the explosion in streaming and adaption of cloud technologies, every linear channel may have up to 16 different flavors that need to be monitored. Workflows must be deployed in multiple zones around the globe with multiple bit rates for different resolutions to accommodate differing bandwidths. TAG’s ability to anticipate and innovate quickly gave us a wide footprint in all new and emerging sources which allowed streaming services to work reliably and efficiently, a real necessity in today’s direct to consumer world.”

Adding to this milestone is TAG’s newly launched Media Control System (MCS). The MCS is an open-source paradigm that monitors, aggregates, manages and utilizes data-driven viewer analytics to provide users with the insight required to build performant linear media systems. The foundation of the MCS is TAG’s MCM (Multi-Channel Monitoring) that monitors every type of signal from live production through OTT delivery. The MCS collects the voluminous raw data and metrics from the MCM using the power of the cloud to create actionable insights. Using an open-source paradigm, the MCS serves as an aggregation engine capable of exposing that data to standard third party analytic and visualization applications such as Elasticsearch, Kibana, Grafana and Prometheus.

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