Talpa Network boosts broadcast infrastructure with Lawo technology

Talpa Network, a television and radio broadcaster based in the Netherlands, has partnered with Lawo to enhance its broadcast infrastructure. The broadcaster operates from two main locations in Hilversum and Amsterdam, spread across multiple buildings, and has upgraded its technical facilities. This includes the adoption of video gateways for transmitting uncompressed signals between locations over its private network. Talpa Network owns several major TV channels such as SBS6, Net5, and Veronica, as well as popular radio stations including Radio 10, 538, and Sky Radio, positioning it prominently in the Dutch media landscape. Founded by John de Mol, Talpa Network is a multimedia company recognized for producing shows like ‘The Tribute: Battle of the Bands’ and ‘Marble Mania’.

Mark de Jong, Technology Architect Lead at Talpa Network overseeing the project, explains their initiative: “We aim to establish an ‘Audio, Video, and Communication Network’, or AVC for short, to optimize the efficient use of our external connections, infrastructure, and resources using cutting-edge IP technologies.” He highlights the challenges faced previously: “We encountered integration issues where signals available only in one production environment needed to be transferred to another, sometimes via an intermediate setup, requiring multiple tie-lines for a single signal. This necessitated the establishment of an IP network.”

Following extensive market research and Proof of Concept (POC) trials with various vendors, Lawo emerged as one of the chosen partners. Talpa Network’s ambitious project leverages Lawo’s advanced IP technology, including the HOME Management Platform for IP Infrastructures and the .edge Hyper-Density SDI/IP Conversion and Routing Platform. These technologies are employed to optimize broadcast operations across their facilities. With a longstanding relationship, Talpa Network is well-versed in Lawo’s audio technology and utilizes VSM, Lawo’s comprehensive, vendor-agnostic IP Broadcast Control and Workflow Solution, which integrates seamlessly with a wide array of broadcast equipment, managed through a single, highly automated and intuitive user interface.

The installation at Talpa Network incorporates Lawo’s .edge technology and HOME Management Platform for IP Infrastructures, aiming to enhance operational efficiency and scalability throughout its broadcast infrastructure. Strategic deployment of Lawo’s .edge SDI matrix bundle across facilities optimizes resource utilization, meeting the demands of their broadcast operations. “We have data centers and production hubs in Hilversum and Amsterdam where Lawo .edge has been deployed to integrate with equipment from other vendors. In addition to video and audio transfer, we are establishing an n-1 IP communication network. With our central management systems, VSM and HOME, we can route signals like ST2110 streams, providing users easy access to necessary signals for their production, regardless of underlying technologies.”

Through Lawo’s HOME Apps, designed for agile broadcast and AV operations, Talpa Network aims to establish innovative, efficient, and flexible workflows. The installation includes three standalone HOME App multiviewers with 16 PiPs each, running on a single server. These provide pixel-perfect mosaics and ultra-low latency, crucial for seamless monitoring of UHD, 3G, HD, and SD video, as well as audio sources during global events and broadcast operations. De Jong emphasizes: “Our Lawo HOME Apps enable efficient resource utilization, allowing us to activate an app as needed and deactivate it once production is complete, freeing up processing power for other tasks.”

Rudi Antonissen, Lawo Project Manager, expresses pride in the collaboration: “We are pleased to work with Talpa Network on this transformative project. Combining Lawo’s advanced technology with Talpa Network’s vision has resulted in a broadcast infrastructure that sets new standards for efficiency and scalability.” Hans Beks, Lawo Sales representative, adds: “Lawo remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower broadcasters to achieve their goals. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Talpa Network and supporting their mission to deliver world-class content to audiences.”

“In transitioning all our production environments in Hilversum and Amsterdam to a Lawo IP infrastructure, we aim to achieve centralized control and resource management, optimizing workflows at a higher level. This will enhance efficiency and enable us to meet the growing demands for modern, high-quality production for our audience,” concludes de Jong, underlining Lawo’s role as a trusted technology partner critical to Talpa Network’s operations.

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