TDC and HIVE unveil BBC Earth Experience in Melbourne

As enthusiasts explore the wonders of the BBC Earth Experience in Melbourne, a behind-the-scenes glimpse unveils the technological prowess powering this immersive journey through the natural world. Narrated by the iconic Sir David Attenborough, the exhibition recently premiered at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australia.

In collaboration with Moon Eye Productions, Live Nation, BBC Studio, and Tinker Imagineers, this multi-room digital art extravaganza takes visitors on a mesmerizing odyssey through Earth’s diverse ecosystems spanning seven continents.

What distinguishes Melbourne’s BBC Earth Experience is the cutting-edge playback technology employed for this grand installation. TDC, an Australian video technology and production supplier, leveraged the innovative BeeBlade media server from HIVE to drive the entire project.

Michael Hassett, Managing Director of TDC, takes the helm in the behind-the-scenes video narration, shedding light on the technical nuances. “The main difference is that we’re integrating the HIVE players into the projectors, and the great thing about that is it saves a lot of space and power. There’s no cable distribution system, no control room—just the media player in the projectors in the venue.”

The exhibit boasts 70 Panasonic projectors, with 55 forming the central 360-degree high-resolution immersive panorama, comprising over 127 million pixels. HIVE software orchestrates the precise positioning and timing of each projector, creating a seamless spectacle.

This marks the latest digital art installation for TDC, following their technical design and engineering feats for renowned institutions such as the Australian Museum, Australian National Maritime Museum, and the upcoming Dream Circus at Luna Park, Sydney.

“The fusion of technologies at Melbourne’s BBC Earth Experience heralds a new, greener, and transformative approach to digital storytelling,” emphasizes Hassett. “It is an evolutionary leap, saving time, money, and contributing to a more sustainable planet.”

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