TDF Group relies on Riedel’s MediorNet MuoN solutions to transition from SDI to IP

Riedel Communications has announced that TDF Group deployed Riedel’s MediorNet MuoN. TDF is a French operator and manager of telecommunications and broadcasting infrastructures, secure networks, and connectivity services. The service has been deployed in Paris, specifically in a media-over-IP network tailored to meet TDF’s own operational and service workflows. Compact MuoN SFPs are enabling the migration from legacy SDI formats, utilizing the SMPTE ST 2110 standard to process uncompressed signals.

Riedel’s SFP-based MediorNet MuoN IP gateways provide multiple interfaces for bridging SDI signals into IP. “The company’s MediorNet MuoN technology supports our strategy of progressively migrating from legacy SDI to IP, at the market’s pace, with minimal risk thanks to its hybrid nature,” said Daniel Rodriguez, Head of Media Innovation Programs at TDF.

The 3G/HD capable MuoN A SFPs can be installed inside a standard 10GE/25GE IP switch, thanks to their small form factor. The software-defined modules are available with a range of different input and output configurations — including BNC, fiber, or HDMI — and can be configured to run encapsulation such as SMPTE ST 2110 and ST 2022-6. “Squeezing the horsepower of a cutting-edge FPGA into the compact size of an SFP is no easy feat, and it certainly drew us to Riedel for this ambitious project,” assured Daniel Rodriguez.

TDF’s media-over-IP network not only features MuoN A Series SFPs housed directly in IP switches for HD video resolutions, but also MuoN B Series SFPs being used with Riedel’s VirtU 32 aggregator for high-end UHD video processing.

“At TDF, it’s in our DNA to be at the leading edge of technology in the media industry, and our new media-over-IP network reflects that,” added Rodriguez. “The multi-client network allows the whole French market to securely exchange media content regardless of format and supports our customers with a smooth and safe migration to IP. Riedel’s MediorNet MuoN technology is deeply embedded in the network and has been critical to its success on a national scale.”

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