Argentine network Telefe upgrades to Dalet Galaxy five

telefe, Dalet Galaxy five

Dalet has announced that free-to-air Argentine network Telefe is to drive an expansive multiplatform workflow with the Dalet Galaxy five Media Asset Management (MAM) and Orchestration platform. The massive upgrade encompasses program preparation, production, output, and archive and will principally improve Telefe’s automation and social media workflow.


Owned and operated by Viacom International Media Networks since 2016, Televisión Federal (known as Telefe) reaches 95% of all households in Argentina, a country of 43 million. Headquartered in Buenos Aires, it produces more than 3,000 hours of Spanish language video content each year distributed across eight regional channels, as well as a significant and growing multi-platform presence and, distributed globally over pay TV channel Telefe Internacional.


Telefe also manages a library of over 33,000 hours of content. Dalet has facilitated Telefe’s broadcast, post, and archive workflows since 2014. The comprehensive installation gives Telefe producers, editors, assistant editors, and operators direct access to archives and workflow tools.


“We need to serve our audience by reaching them wherever they are and that means a huge expansion in our social media distribution,” explained Santiago Matias Guimerans Soto, vice president of technology and operations at Telefe.


“Having successfully based our media operations on Dalet for many years it was natural for us to upgrade to Dalet Galaxy five to take advantage in particular of the workflow engine. This will give us greater agility and speed in developing new workflows to accommodate the creation and publication of content to social media and future platforms. Dalet is a solution that Telefe can continue to grow with over time. It helps us create new forms of revenue and reduces our time to market.”


Telefe plans to design and build an integrated media supply chain that encompasses ingest, transcoding and distribution using the Dalet Galaxy five workflow designer tool. The Dalet AmberFin media processing platform seamlessly integrates with Dalet Galaxy Five and drives Telefe’s QC workflows. Production and publishing of all program content to applications such as Mi Telefe (My Telefe) and Telefe Noticias (Telefe News) as well as YouTube, Facebook and other classic social media platforms will be much more efficient in Dalet Galaxy five.


“Telefe already represents one of Dalet’s largest installations in South America and our partnership is further strengthening with this next technology leap,” explains Julien Decaix, general manager Dalet Americas.


“It is Dalet’s proven ability to connect production, post-production, and archives combined with the ease of content publishing to outlets like YouTube and emerging consumer platforms that first attracted Telefe. The flexibility of Dalet Galaxy five further allows them to smoothly integrate and manage the different video formats used by Viacom together with those of Telefe. The initial Dalet investment continues to give them complete interoperability five years later while enabling them to orchestrate new workflows introduced by outside operations with ease. This is a tremendous return on investment.”

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