Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA) integrates Agama’s monitoring solutions to enhance user experience

Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA) has recently implemented Agama Monitoring solutions to analyze and measure its productions in order to improve the service and enhance the user experience. TSA is part of the Telefónica Group, a teleoperator based in Spain.

Telefónica will use Agama’s multicast analyzers for its headend monitoring needs, in combination with Agama’s widgets and dashboards, which will provide transport flow analysis and much additional real-time network information. Agama will help TSA gain transparency of its service performance at the headend and throughout the distribution network.

Agama’s Observability and Analytics solution provides transparency in the distribution of the video service from the headend to the display devices. One of the most prominent elements of the solution that Agama has provided to TSA is the headend probes, which provide real-time information on all parts of the service, so that headend staff can verify the quality and availability of incoming streams, ensure correctness of video processing steps and delivery to distribution.

“With the main objective of establishing a satisfactory long-term relationship with our customers based on quality standards, TSA is using Agama’s monitoring tools. The system provides a comprehensive analysis of our transport flows from our contribution network,” said Alejandro Benito, Platform & Networks Operation Manager at Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales, about the implemented solution.

“Not only does it cover the analysis needs of our transportation flows, but it also provides additional network information in a single view, which helps to have global information from a single service. The scalability of the system allows us to grow as our business grows, minimizing CAPEX impact. Thanks to its graphical user interface we can configure specific views with the necessary parameters. This allows us to have a customized view on the dashboard in real time, but also to consult the logs to obtain more accurate information with a recording of the event,” continues Alejandro Benito.

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