Telemetrics’ exhibit at 2023 NAB Show new robotic camera control innovations

Telemetrics’ exhibit at 2023 NAB Show new robotic camera control innovations

Camera robotics success makes the company proud in the 50th anniversary of the solution

Golden anniversary celebrations took place during 2023 NAB Show, where Telemetrics, robotic camera and controls company, showcased several new products and additional features for its catalogue. During these 50 years serving broadcasting industry by delivering solutions for on-premise and remote production operations, Telemetric has contributed to broadcast ecosystem with many industry firsts, like its reFrame® talent and object tracking technology, TeleGlide® curved track systems and, most recently, a new battery-power option for the OmniGlide® Robotic Roving Platform camera pedestal and a new TG5 recessed robotic camera track system.

Its new wireless system was awarded a “Best Of Show” award from the Editors of TV Tech magazine.

Wireless Option For The Telemetrics OmniGlide Roving Pedestal

Telemetrics has developed a rechargeable battery system that powers an optional low-latency wireless video transmitter for its OmniGlide Robotic Roving Platform. This allows users to move the popular OmniGlide robotic studio camera pedestal in any direction and avoid obstacles virtually anywhere in the studio without cables.

TG-5 TeleGlide Trolley

During 2023 NAB Telemetrics unveiled its fifth-generation robotic camera trolley, the TG-5, which offers better performance due to built-in laser sensors, improved servo drive system, important safety features and a more esthetically pleasing housing that can easily be used for floor or ceiling applications. It’s also the safest camera trolley Telemetrics has ever built.

The TG-5 is backwards with all existing Elevator elevating columns and S-5 series robotic pan/tilt heads and can be operated on a curved or straight track system. It is now in full production and will ship under normal lead times.


RCCP-M2 Entry-Level Robotic Control Panel

In addition, North American company Telemetrics introduced a totally re-imagined RCCP-M robotic control panel, called the RCCP-M2, that offers the same functionality and useful robotic camera control features as its predecessor in a smaller, lighter, and more portable form factor (about the size of a laptop).

Previously users needed an extra sidecar joystick for operating a TG4/5 trolley and a Televator elevation column. Now there’s an integrated joystick castle knob that offers the same functionality in a smaller form factor (about the size of a laptop) that’s much easier to use.

New control panel

Among the features of the new control panel are two rows of programmable TeleKeys, a 10.5 touch screen interface for full camera image controls and scene presets, one Joystick controller for pan/tilt/zoom camera movements, and two encoder knobs with LED rings around the knobs that can change colors to make them easy to locate in a dark environment like a control room. One knob could be selectable for camera controls while the other used for focusing the camera. The panel’s touchscreen is mounted an articulating arm, making it adjustable for different operator preferences.

While the new panel is smaller, it packs the same punch as its predecessor in terms of robotic camera control features. In fact, it’s running the same RCCP series Standard software, so all features are the same as those found on the original RCCP-M. This includes support for up to eight robotic cameras, over 10,000 presets over IP, video router control, Motion record, Auto-sense device detection and a Perspective View feature that allows for simplified preset recall.

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