Teleste’s distributed access technology to boost Telia’s broadband services

Teleste’s distributed access technology to boost Telia’s broadband services

Telia’s coverage of its high-speed broadband services is about to expand due to the provision of distributed access technology by Teleste. Telia, Nordic and Baltic regions provider of telecomm services, is providing increasingly higher broadband speeds and larger data transfer capacity to consumers, which is seamlessly supported by Teleste’s technology.

While Teleste’s Remote PHY Distributed Access devices have already been widely implemented in Finland and Norway, DOCSIS 3.1 Distributed Access-based broadband is unfolding and are currently under way in Telia’s networks.

“Teleste’s Distributed Access technology provides us a future-proof solution that perfectly meets our evolving technology requirements. We appreciate the wide industry interoperability that their products offer, as well as their easy integration with our existing environment. Together with Teleste’s high level of commitment and 24/7 support, this allows us to efficiently enhance our network capabilities and provide our customers with a better quality of service,” stated Per Eirik Furebotten, Manager, Broadband Access, Telia.

By adopting the Distributed Access architecture, operators can make a sustainable choice to deliver higher download and upload speeds and improved service quality to their subscribers over their existing coax infrastructure. These improvements are essential for satisfying the demands of bandwidth-hungry streaming services that are winning in popularity among consumers.

Teleste’s devices for Telia include the company’s DAN3 and DAN300 Remote PHY Distributed Access nodes that fully ensure interoperability with different CCAP cores. By converting a 10 gigabit IP connection into 1.2 GHz full spectrum, high-quality coax-based data transmission, these nodes enable operators to meet consumers’ growing demands for faster broadband connectivity. The Distributed Access architecture can easily adapt to even higher broadband speeds in the future, making it a crucial step in the evolution path to 10 Gbps subscriber services that are on the horizon.

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