Telestream releases version 3.3 of its PRISM waveform monitor software

Telestream has announced the latest software for its PRISM family of hybrid IP/SDI waveform monitors. Version 3.3 adds new video format support for post-production applications faster switching of IP inputs, Dolby ED2 metadata support, among others features.

PRISM is a solution designed to assist any user regarding these steps of the production chain: video engineering, operations, live acquisition, event production, and post-production. It includes compatibility with today’s wide color gamut, high dynamic range, and high-resolution formats.

With faster switching of IP inputs, at around half a second, camera shading operators can make comparisons regardless of whether they are working in an IP, SDI, or hybrid facility.

Version 3.3 now supports DCI 4K post production resolutions up to 4096×2160 and refresh rates from 23.98 to 60p.

The latest version also offers Dolby ED2 metadata decoding which is used for Dolby Atmos and guard band measurement for comprehensive audio monitoring.

PRISM is a software-defined instrument family, so users can add new features and capabilities with an upgrade.

The system also feature AV Delay Measurement for SDI, ST2022-6 and ST2110-20/30/31 using the AV delay test signal from Telestream Sync Pulse Generator products; Safe Area display with AFD graticule; colorized RGB Parade Waveform / Stop display; and larger floating timecode display.

“As the dividing lines between Film and TV production blur, we are adding capability to the PRISM platform to extend the format capability in SDI and IP to meet these needs for a broad range of customers doing higher-end post work,” says Charlie Dunn, SVP, Video Test, Synchronization and Quality Assurance Business Unit. “Now that ST-2110 can be considered mainstream, we are adding the expected capability to measure AV-Delay, Dolby E/ED2, and enable a seamless switch so that the benefits of an IP infrastructure can be realized without any operational compromises.”


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