SES awards Telestream to provide technology for new distribution centre in London

Telestream provides system timing, waveform monitor and QC for SES

SES has chosen Telestream to provide equipment for its new remotely operated playout centre in London. The agreement includes the providing of system timing, waveform monitor and quality control (QC) technology.

The new SES’s broadcast centre is located in London, where it provides playout infrastructure for linear TV channels. Despite his location, the network management is operated from Munich. Therefore, Telestream will equip the new office with its SPG8000A sync generators for system timing applications with an ECO8000 change-over unit. According to Telestream, this will provide a full remote operation through a web user interface and will allow the SES teams in Munich to switch network timing sources or GPS receivers remotely without the need to be on-site in London.

Furthermore, SES selected the PRISM waveform monitors for monitoring SDI signal quality and deep video analysis. Telestream is also providing Quality Control applications for the distribution centre workflows.

“When we developed PRISM platform, the primary goal was to help our customers address the un-chartered futures of UHD and IP packet-based infrastructures,” commented Charlie Dunn, Senior Vice President, Tek Business Unit at Telestream. “By using a ‘software defined’ approach this allowed us to adapt to the direction of the industry by working closely with early adopters like SES.

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