Teleticino and IB3 expand their broadcast graphics possibilities with Dalet CubeNG

Laptop with the Dalet CubeNG UI working on a laptop

Teleticino and IB3 are revamping their broadcast graphics capabilities with the new Dalet CubeNG solution powered by the Brainstorm real-time graphics engine. An Italian-language television channel based in Switzerland, Teleticino provides news and entertainment programming for the Ticino canton region. IB3, public radio and television channel of the Balearic Islands in Spain, caters to local viewers’ traditional broadcast and digital platforms. A core component of the Dalet Galaxy five platform for news workflows, Dalet CubeNG enables Teleticino and IB3 to create dynamic branding across traditional, digital and social channels. 

A major upgrade to the existing Dalet Cube graphics platform, Dalet CubeNG features a redesigned, scalable architecture and web-based UI. The embedded  Brainstorm real-time 3D graphics engine expands graphics capabilities with its support for 4K and user-defined options, added primitives for building 2D and 3D graphics, support for Unicode fonts and languages, and outstanding transition logic.

Natively connected to Dalet Galaxy five, Dalet CubeNG propels fast-paced news workflows offering live changes on playback with advanced support for updating behaviors and conditions. As the Dalet Galaxy five media asset management control layer tracks every graphic object, staff, including journalists, can search on any and every graphic element. The Dalet API enables extensible workflows and services that extend the graphics production and delivery capabilities.

Combined with Dalet Galaxy five, Dalet CubeNG offers a “single-vendor solution that eliminates integration and deployment challenges and lowers cost of ownership”, according to the press release.

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