Televisa renews its facilities in San Ángel (CDMX) with Lawo IP and RAVENNA

Lawo devices at the Foro 16 of Televisa

Lawo mc² production consoles are the core of the new IP-based facilities in San Ángel (CDMX) of Televisa. The devices are IP-based central routers with fail-safe, redundant architecture and AoIP interfacing and RAVENNA/AES67 I/O systems. This reflects how the multimedia corporation is taking a chance on IP networks.

The Lawo mc² complements the previously purchased two 64-fader mc²66 audio production consoles for its Audio OP trucks. According to the press release, that was just the beginning: “It further established that Lawo would be the ideal strategic partner for Televisa’s future projects”.

The new Televisa installation comprises four Lawo mc²56 consoles and other DSP and routing devices in three of the company’s production areas: Foro 3 (“Pequeños gigantes”, “La Voz” and “La Voz Kids”), 15 (novela “Por Amar Sin Ley” among others) and 16 (daily show “Cuéntamelo Ya”). The mc²56 desks are configured with 64, 48, 32 and 16 faders and include HD cores and SoundGrip integration. Each unit is supplied by several Lawo DALLIS I/O systems, completed by a row of A_mic8 and A_digital8 high-quality AoIP interfaces.

Foro 8 and Foro 9, dedicated to the production of telenovelas, have aslo been upgraded with two Lawo mc²36 consoles in a 24-fader frame, as well as Compact I/O units. The Nova73 HD central router and the production units are already fully operational and networked via a RAVENNA/AES67 infrastructure.

Nacho González, Lawo’s Sales Director South America, talks about the agreement: ”The main challenge to an infrastructure like this today lies in the integration of IP with the rest of the client’s infrastructure. Leading broadcasters understand that proprietary protocols are a technological dead-end, since they do not allow working with third-party systems. If you cannot control, you cannot integrate; and if you cannot integrate, you cannot expand in the future. Lawo’s commitment to standards-based IP networking and future-readiness are major reasons behind Televisa’s choice to partner with us – because outside the network, life doesn’t exist.”

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