Telstra Broadcast Services acquires business and assets of MediaCloud

Telstra can now broadcast some of the world’s biggest events along more parts of the planet. Also, TBS will deliver programming 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to millions of people. And that is because Telstra has acquired business and assets of MediaCloud.

This acquisition will provide TBS with a set of significant software-defined and cloud-based capabilities; experts in cloud media delivery and a Master Control Room in London. This cloud based services gives TBS a wide range of new developments:

  • They will be able to offer to any broadcaster a managed streaming service. That enable to broadcaster to specify, launch and monitor over-the-top services with minimal resources while maintaining broadcast-grade SLAs.
  • TBS also can deliver high-quality video to any destination point across the public internet. It is expected that this based cloud connection will create a new tier of services: the Telstra Internet Delivery Network. It will be available for broadcaster and media companies that always wanted to use TBS’ global networks, but the premium service agreements will not be necessary.
  • Media Playout and content orchestration, both fully managed. On first place, the Playout service for the creation of broadcast-grade linear and complex television channels. On second place, the service includes media asset management, orchestration of media workflows and localisation. They will be able to import, manage and preview video, audio and subtitle assets along various transmission schedules.

Andreas Eriksson, Head of Telstra Broadcast Services said “The global media industry is expanding to cloud-enabled and software-defined capabilities” and he has ensured that these capabilities will help broadcaster to deploy ne services and channels to respond to special events, programming opportunities and new markets in this changing times”. For instance, the Australian free-to-air TV channel SBS, has renewed its contract for seven years. And thad means that Telstra will assemble and play the content of the channel.

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