London sound studio Twickenham Film Studios (TFS) mixed Top Gun: Maverick in the midst of the pandemic

London-based Twickenham Film Studios (TFS) performed the final sound mix for Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick, working in collaboration with Skywalker Sound.

The mix was facilitated against the odds in the height of the global pandemic and proved the template for major productions to resume work under Covid-19 protocols.

The final Atmos sound mix was carried out in TFS Theatre 1 by Re-Recording Mixers Chris Burdon and Mark Taylor with Will Miller, Harry Jones and Tom Melling as Mix Techs. The project was led by Oscar nominated Sound Designer and Supervising Sound Editor, James H. Mather and his Soundbyte Studios Editorial team, in collaboration with Supervising Sound Editor, Al Nelson.

TFS Theatre 2 was used by the production for the IMAX sound mix. Additionally, the Studios provided some ADR for this project.

The final mix took place between June and July 2020 during the pandemic. One-way systems and sanitisation systems were among measures introduced. Studio staff were issued with thermometers to conduct routine temperature checks, and a bio-fogging specialist was there to treat the space being hired by the Top Gun: Maverick production.

Piers Read, co-owner, says: “The creative drive of our talent and the reliability and dedication of the TFS teams really shone through at a time when our clients really needed us. The ability of our entire team, and especially our sound department, to adapt in exceptional circumstances and accommodate a production of this magnitude is extraordinary.”

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