The Switch provides 10 Gb fiber connectivity between the Hawaiian sets of “Love Island” and ITV America’s California offices

The Switch is a provider of production services and global delivery of live video. This company has recently partnered with ITV America in order to create a workflow to support 24/7 live production of the reality show Love Island.

The provider installed a dedicated network between the main “Villa”, a second villa at “Casa Amor” and the master control room set up at the Naniloa Hotel in Downtown Hilo, Hawaii. The company also has connected Hawaii with The Burbank Switch which housed all of the post production servers for Love Island and the main Post Production Offices at ITV’s Lankershim facility. Every location is provided with 10Gb connectivity and for Hawaiian bases the company has relied on Hawaiian Telecom. Through this network, each piece of video from the show travels all the way to ITV’s offices and, there, a team composed by more than 80 operators put together the show. In total, the production team directed produced and controlled 115 cameras across three sets from 20 miles away at the Naniloa and edited the show from 3,000 miles away in California.

“Given our shooting location and the various challenges that come with creating content in 2021, we knew it would be difficult to keep post production on site in Hawaii,” said Danielle DiStefano, executive vice president of post operations & technology at ITV America. “When we shifted Love Island to a remote workflow from Hawaii to Los Angeles, we needed a partner that understood live production, could manage unforeseen challenges and could handle continuous live feeds from multiple remote locations. The Switch offers a unique mix of extensive production knowledge and network capacity, which enabled it to meet our specific requirements. Having The Switch on board freed the on-the-ground creative team to concentrate on producing the show instead of worrying about how to get the content where it needed to go.”

In addition to assisting with the connectivity from Hawaii to Los Angeles, The Switch worked with ITV America to deliver the show 6 nights per week for 6 weeks via fiber to Los Angeles, and by satellite to New York for broadcast. It also supported the delivery of live feeds to CTV in Toronto for the Canadian simulcast of the series. The Switch enabled ITV America to deliver 50 hours of content across three networks over the course of six weeks.

Linda Hannan, Sales Director, Digital Media & OTT, at The Switch, said: “The pandemic has shown that our customers need to adapt and work in innovative ways to keep content flowing. The project with ITV America highlights our ability to connect our network to any location – no matter how remote – and underscores our ability to support high-end productions even in the most challenging conditions.”

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