Theater Zuidplein opens with ODIN intercom matrix

RTS inZuidplein

An RTS ODIN digital intercom matrix is the communications hub for Rotterdam’s newly built Theater Zuidplein. The installation was part of a wider audio, video, digital signage and intercoms project which was handled by Amptec.


The theater features three separate stages – the main hall, a small hall and a multi-functional stage which can provide a flexible performance space for a variety of different productions. Theater Zuidplein required a flexible intercom system that would provide coverage throughout the whole venue, allowing users to remain connected to the production they are working on – no matter where they are in the building.


With Amptec taking responsibility for the full design and installation, they immediately turned to ODIN as a single-unit solution to meet this need. “ODIN was part of our complete design from the very beginning,” explains Amptec’s Bart Hilberink. “We were able to cover every stage with a single ODIN unit and wireless access points spread throughout the building. This way a user can stay in contact with the main hall, even if they are using an access point in the small hall.”


A further advantage that ODIN brought to this project was its ability to connect with a Dante network. “The ability to integrate the intercom into the Dante network was vital,” notes Hilberink. “ODIN was able to talk to the whole system and be an extension of the network. Thanks to this ability, we’ve been able to do things such as simply connect the intercom to the loudspeakers in the lobby, which has made everything much easier for our client.”


With the solution installed, Hilberink is happy to reflect on a successful project. “ODIN was always our first-choice intercom matrix for the project and the results we’ve seen have vindicated that decision,” he observes. “This has been an important project for us and we have delivered a solution that more than meets our client’s expectations.”

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