Three Denmark chooses Net Insight’s GPS/GNSS-independent time synchronization for 5G expansion

Net Insight has secured its first order from Three Denmark (Three) for GPS/GNSS-free time synchronization, supporting Three Denmark’s ambitious 5G rollout. The order, set for delivery in Q1, 2024, builds upon the successful deployment of Net Insight’s solution in Sweden.

This deployment introduces Net Insight’s advanced Zyntai nodes to Three Denmark’s network, enhancing synchronization capabilities while eliminating the reliance on GPS/GNSS. The collaboration aims to streamline synchronization costs and ensure independence from GPS/GNSS, marking a significant step in Three Denmark’s 5G expansion plans.

“We are convinced that Net Insight’s synchronization solution meets our stringent requirements for a GPS-independent network,” says Kim Christensen, CTO at Three Denmark. “It has proven to be the most adaptable, dependable, and cost-effective solution, aligning perfectly with Three’s high standards for 5G.”

“We are delighted that another strong and progressive operator such as Three Denmark has chosen our solution. The high number of GNSS jamming incidents in the last months has increased the interest in our GPS/GNSS independent synchronization solution,” says Crister Fritzson, CEO of Net Insight. “Beyond its GPS independence, our Zyntai solution reduces overall costs and accelerates 5G rollouts. The increased security and availability of the solution is key in meeting the requirements of new advanced 5G services, aligning seamlessly with the vision of a forward-thinking mobile operator like Three.”

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