Three LATAM broadcasters adopt Grass Valley’s GV Stratus

User Interface of GV Stratus, software from Grass Valley

The all-in-one media production platform GV Stratus from Grass Valley has been selected to provide end-to-end newsroom capability by three relevant LATAM broadcasters: TV Bahia, TV Integração and TV Pajuçara. The tool, presented by the brand as the “most complete and versatile application environment for non-lineal productions”, offers capabilities such as social media publishing, monitoring and tracking.

TV Bahia, a subsidiary of Rede Glove, upgraded its newsroom with GV Stratus with GV I/O supporting for ingest and eight playout channels, four EDIUS Workgroup 9 high resolution editing stations and ten low resolution EDIUS editing stations. TV Integração, affiliate of Brazilian commercial network TV Globo, has selected GV STRATUS for two of its sites in Brazil along with ten of the versatile EDIUS Workgroup 9 editing platform, to create an end-to-end Grass Valley news workflow. Finally, TV Pajuçara, a Brazilian television station based in Maceió and affiliated with RecordTV, acquired GV STRATUS to support two ingest and four playout channels. The broadcaster has also implemented five EDIUS low resolution workstations and eight EDIUS Workgroup stations.

“Traditional news broadcasters are now engaging with audiences across a range of platforms, including social media, to get stories to them first. As a result, the needs of the newsroom are evolving,” explained Nahuel Villegas, vice president of sales, LATAM region for Grass Valley. “We are extremely proud that these three major LATAM broadcasters have turned to GV STRATUS to help support them in creating more flexible, agile and well-rounded local and national news productions. These partnerships are a great example of how Grass Valley has been working closely with customers in the LATAM region to deliver solutions that help them build successful media business.”

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