TM Broadcast International 88 is out!

Front Page - TM Broadcast International Magazine 88

Once again, we return with exclusive reports, in-depth interviews and technological insights on some of the trending topics of the market. That defines TM Broadcast International, and that’s what you’ll find in our issue #88. You can now read it via Issuu:

So, what will you find this month?

  • ORF: A television ready for the future. TM Broadcast International contacted Michael Götzhaber, technical director at ORF, in order to delve in the technological strategies embraced by this media corporation.
  • Jakob Ihre, FSF (Chernobyl): Light, atmospheres and talent. A few years ago, this director of photography had not yet become professionally interested on television. However, after authoring acclaimed productions such as “Thelma” (2017), “Louder than Bombs” (2015) or “The End of the Tour” (2015), his next project was taking charge of the cinematography in what eventually became the breakthrough fiction for 2019: “Chernobyl” (HBO), created by Craig Mazin and directed by Johan Renck.
  • Wireless camera systems. This caption comprises very differing technologies, workflows and purposes that must be properly distinguished in order to be able to choose the most adequate option for each scenario and circumstance. Our interest will focus on technology and main alternatives that are available.
  • The Good Film Company & Remote Filming. We get to know more about the proposals brought by both firms from Yanina Barry, founder of The Good Film Company and co-founder -together with Alex Seery- of Remote Filming.
  • First broadcast of 8K UHD signal in DVB-T2, by RTVE.
  • Long-term industry changes demanded by 2020, by Vizrt.
  • And more!

In the past few months, the industry has been facing unprecedented challenges in our recent history. But far form choosing a conservative approach to tackle them, progress was the way. We can be proud of having ensured both information and entertainment for society in a solvent, professional and determined fashion by relying on the most recent innovations available on the market.

We will continue down this this path in 2021. Thank you for walking along with us.

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