TM Broadcast International 91 is out!

Front cover of TM Broadcast 91

We usually refer to our field of activity as ‘the broadcast world’. But what if we start calling it a ‘broadcast universe’? An infinite space in continuous expansion, reshaping boundaries with unprecedented developments having a halo that keeps us inevitably captivated.

It is complex to reflect in a few pages the endless diversity that such a deceiving landscape implies; however, like so many other times, we have designed a magazine that clearly captures constellations that define the present and future of the sector. You can read it now online!

We’ve prepared amazing contents for this issue:

  • Virtual Production special: with Dimension Studio and Orca Studios
  • Extreme E: A challenging production from the harshest environments
  • Dan Stoloff: Successfully overcoming the creative challenges of ‘The Boys’
  • AoIP: Practical applications
  • Test, QC and monitoring: 4 future-proof solutions
  • ITV’s Journey with Server Side Ad Insertion
  • Test Zone: Panasonic Lumix DC-BGH1
  • And more!
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