TM Broadcast International 93 is out!

TM Broadcast International 93

The new number of TM Broadcast International is available. In this edition, we get a deep look into 5G with three different stories about how this technology is conquering all the process. We brought an article from Jordi Giménez, 5G-MAG Head of Technology, an interview with Christos Verikoukis from 5GMediaHUB and an overview on Edge Computing for 5G Networks.

In addition, we continue exploring the OTT market in Europe with two fresh and new platforms: Sooner and FilmDoo. These interesting businesses don’t follow the traditional model and are betting on new ideas to conquer the European market. You can read it now online!

And you can read many more of these stories in the 93rd number!

  • IP Infrastructures: RTVE in Sant Cugat
  • AoIP: Exploring ST2110 and ST2022
  • Interview with DOP Ross Emery from Raised by Wolves
  • Software reduces technical VS creative tension for video production
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