What you’ll find in our latest issue: PTZ cameras, drones, Sachtler’s new tripod and Hang Loose Media Group

Our editorial team has released the latest issue of our magazine. Thanks to all the teams involved for their dedicated work and thanks also to all those who have participated in these pages.

Broadcast industry has changed a lot in the last two years. The pandemic has changed many of the workflows that had been in place in broadcasters around the world for decades and seemed absolutely essential. Well, a global emergency like the one we have experienced is capable of making even the most reluctant to step out of their comfort zone to innovate and take risks. If there is one thing that distinguishes this industry, it is its technological capacity.

Today we have compiled some great advances on this essence of reinventing traditional broadcast workflows and adapting to the new times. We show you. You can read the full magazine for free by following this link.

We offer you a complete report about PTZ cameras focusing on how these devices reached quality standards that rival any professional broadcast camera today.

In this issue of tools and companies that break with the established molds, the drone could not be missing.But this time we are not only here to review the technology associated with drones, we are also here to warn you that these tools have come to change and evolve the audiovisual language.

Amanda Lawson is a UK-based industry professional with many years of experience in sports production. In the middle of the post-pandemic era, she decided to change course a little bit. She decided to apply her experience and know-how in sports production to entertainment around esports. She founded Hang Loose Media Group. This is the story.

Finally, we have dedicated our review section to discover the latest tripod from Sachtler: the flowtech 75 aktiv. It will surprise you.

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