TNN counts with new broadcasting facilities in Bangkok powered by Qvest

TNN new production facilities powered by Qvest

Thai News Network (TNN) has new facilities in the heart of Bangkok, an state-of-the-art production environment developed by Qvest’s international team

As prime contractor for TNN, Qvest supervised the general project management over the equipment procurement process, and more steps before the final relocation and go-live of channel TNN16. This way, the project’s scope for Qvest covered a wide spectrum. The new newsroom, office area and three studios were crafted with an emphasis on a visual identity rooted in TNN’s corporate design. The new facilities of TNN are located at the significant True Digital Park 101. Around 250 TNN employees work in the two areas Events Hall (1,200 square meters) and Glass House (240 square meters).

The Qvest team orchestrated specialized companies as key partners to execute the project, such as Clickspring Design from the USA. The design firm was responsible for the facility’s architectural master planning, as well as the design of all interior spaces, including three main broadcast studios supported by media-rich, branded set design. For light design and all architectural tasks, Qvest worked with the German specialists at mo2 design.

The main objectives for the relocation of TNN were an uplift to a global broadcasting standard while providing a working environment focused on productivity, collaboration, and well-being of the employees. To meet these requirements while creating a suitable representation of the broadcaster, the new facilities were put into operation in the new location in this urban hotspot of Bangkok.

Qvest orchestrated the project with its partners in two phases. The initial phase involved master planning and concept design to lay the foundation for the subsequent design development and specification phase. Within the second phase, accurately incorporated curved shapes and flows were implemented into the interior design. A focal point of the project was the integration of state-of-the-art broadcast technology. Qvest conducted a comprehensive technology review, identifying optimal solutions and providing general recommendations to enhance TNN16’s broadcasting capabilities.


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