Trade4Sports partners with Eintracht Frankfurt to impulse ads revenue with digitalization and automation

Trade4Sports and Eintracht Frankfurt, a prominent European football club, have embarked on a multi-year partnership aimed at optimizing advertising processes through digitization and automation. Over the next 5.5 years, Trade4Sports will play a pivotal role in enhancing the digital capabilities of the club. This partnership, facilitated by Qvest’s ownership stake in Trade4Sports since 2022, will introduce innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products designed to elevate perimeter advertising revenue for sports clubs through digitalization, professionalization, and expanded marketing opportunities.

The collaborative efforts between Trade4Sports and Eintracht Frankfurt signify a forward-thinking approach to the intersection of digitalization, sports, business, and media technology. This strategic alliance is a testament to the close partnership between Trade4Sports and Qvest, combining their expertise to redefine real-time advertising in sports and entertainment.

At the heart of this long-term collaboration is the T4S Marketing Cloud, a robust platform tailored to streamline crucial digital processes such as advertising management, media asset organization, and playlist scheduling for Eintracht Frankfurt across various venues including the Deutsche Bank Park, Stadium on Brentanobad, and the Ahorn Camp Sportpark in Dreieich. The adaptable nature of the platform allows clubs and leagues to seamlessly integrate it into their existing workflows. Ahead of the upcoming 2024/2025 football season, additional features such as remote operation and AI-generated playlists will be integrated into the solution. Coupled with a comprehensive playout solution, this enables dynamic advertisement playback on LED perimeter boards and ribbons, with the flexibility to adjust playlists in real-time, even during live matches.

Arnfried Lemmle, Director of Sales and Marketing at Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG, expressed enthusiasm for the digital transformation facilitated by the T4S Marketing Cloud: “The future is driven by digital processes. With the T4S Marketing Cloud, Trade4Sports has successfully digitized and automated many manual tasks within the club and in our interactions with customers. This streamlines our operations significantly and represents a valuable development for our club.”

Frederic Komp, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Trade4Sports GmbH, echoed these sentiments, stating, “We are honored by the trust Eintracht Frankfurt has placed in us. When a top European club like Eintracht Frankfurt recognizes the benefits of the T4S Marketing Cloud in their daily operations, it underscores the value of our platform.”

Since 2022, Qvest and Trade4Sports have collaborated strategically to pioneer new marketing solutions in the sports and entertainment sector.

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